We want to congratulate Jaci for being our STAR patient at Hughes Family Chiropractic Center. Jaci understands the importance of maintaining her spinal health and continuing regular chiropractic visits.  She continuously spreads the word about chiropractic and has referred patients to our office.  Thanks again Jaci for exhibiting STAR qualities.
Lets hear about Jaci‘s chiropractic experience.
Where are you from?     Carlisle
How did you learn about chiropractic?     My dad always went because he had lower back pain.
What problems brought you to Hughes Family Chiropractic?     lower back and hip issue after pregnancy
How long have you had these problems?     almost a year
What previous care did you seek?     n/a
How long have you been seeing our chiropractor?      almost a year
How long before you noticed improvement under chiropractic care?     immediately
Have you noticed any other positive changes in your health since beginning chiropractic care?     less headaches, less sickness, I feel better
Would you recommend chiropractic care to others?     ABSOLUTELY!!